Let’s explore“Fussa Happy Town”Try out bars and restaurants you’ve never been to!

Date: 2 /19sun ~20mon

Let’s have Fun Winter Night Out in Fussa!


2016☆ Festival is on!

Rain or Shine!

Festival Tickets: Advance tickets priced at 3,000yen
Walk-up tickets priced at 3,500yen

One Sheet of tickets includes 5 tickets. One ticket will give you a Special Combo of “1 drink & 1 dish”
With 3,000-yen advance tickets, you can visit 5 different bars and restaurants and enjoy their foods.

Free Sake brewery tour at Tamura Sake Brewery (Special offer combined with the purchase of Advance tickets) is available and conducted only one time . Note that a tour guide speaks only Japanese.
The tour starts at 15:00 and ends at 16:30 on Feb. 23(Tue).

Reservation is required for Free Sake brewery tour.

For reservation, please click the above banner or click


FUSSA HAPPY BAR TOWN FESTIVAL: It’s been a year since we had this event last time. This festival is gaining fame and recognition as a major event in Fussa.
Now, we are announcing with pleasure that we will have this event again this year, “The 4th FUSSA HAPPY BAR TOWN FESTIVAL” Why don’t you come and enjoy cold winter nights over warm FESTIVAL foods and drinks?

Eat and Drink really Good Stuff.
Enjoy What Fussa Has to Offer!

“BAR” is a Spanish version of a “bar”, “tavern”, and “pub”. In Spain, it is customary for friends to go bar hopping together to socialize. FUSSA HAPPY BAR TOWN bars and restaurants are joining the Festival to bring you a great joy: Find yourself on a cold winter day going together with your friends from one bar to another, toasting with drinks and eating warm foods. Isn’t this the best and happiest thing that could ever happen to you?

What to do to enjoy the Festival


STEP1. Purchase a Ticket Sheet (comes with 5 tickets)
You can use all five tickets by yourself or share this Sheet of 5 tickets with your friends.
STEP2. Visit websites of participating bars and restaurants and/or take a look at the “Map” section printed on the back of the ticket side to decide which bars to go.
See what they have on their menus. You would also have to think of your best route for bar hopping, - go to this bar first, then, that one, next…. You could have a real thrill and fun while trying to figure out what works best for you. It’s a fun process.
STEP3. Festival Day! “I’m a participant of FUSSA HAPPY BAR TOWN FESTIVAL” You say this when you enter a bar and take a table.
When you order, use one ticket per person to enjoy value meals, Festival Specials. With one ticket, a Festival Special, one combo special (one drink and one dish) prepared especially for the occasion will be served. At one bar or restaurant, each person can use only one ticket at a time.
If you are a party of two, for example, a total of two tickets are needed at a bar.
STEP4. Done with a good food and drink? It’s time to move on to another bar!
You might want to stay at one place for around 20 to 30 minutes at longest so that all visitors can enjoy without waiting for a table too long. Your discretion is much appreciated.

What if you haven’t used up all the 5 tickets and have some leftovers? Not to worry! The tickets are still usable and valid in some other way. – “Ato-BAR” will take care of it.

You can still use unused tickets at participating cafes, confectionery stores, bars and restaurants starting the following day, from Feb. 24th(Wed.) until 29th(Mon.). Like last year, some cake cafes and confectionery stores are listed in the shops and restaurants list for “Ato-BAR”. This year there will be more places you can go to in order to make full use of unused tickets. Those unused tickets are valid and treated as cash voucher, just like “money”, Feb. 24th through 29th(Mon) , and one unused ticket has a cash value of 600 yen. No cash refund or exchange. Also, note that Special Combos will no longer be available during this period.

Sponsored by: Kasen (Tamura Sake brewery)

【Small Notes:】

  • Please note that each bar has its open hours.
  • For busy time, time limits may apply.
  • Festival Specials (combos) are subject to change without notice.
  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable under any circumstances.
  • One ticket is in exchange for a Combo of “one drink and one dish” An order of either a drink or a dish alone is not accepted.
  • When Festival Special Combos are sold out at a bar and a restaurant, other dishes may be served instead, or in some cases, they may no longer take customers with tickets for FUSSA HAPPY BAR TOWN FESTIVAL
  • Please note that tickets do not have any cash values and do not serve as cash vouchers from Feb. 21(Sun.) to 23(Tue.).
  • During the Festival, no reservations will be taken at bars and restaurants to avoid troubles and inconveniences. First come, first served rule applies.
  • Each place is expecting to have so many people coming in, so please try to be considerate, share limited bar space with one another and be kindly conscious of time you spend there so that all the customers will be able to have a great time on the Festival nights.

What is “BAR”?

Spanish “BAR” culture — you can feel it in Fussa

A Spanish word “Bar” is pronounced as “bu-roo”, or “BARU” in Japanese. “Bar” would be a Spanish version of a Japanese coffee shop, pub, diner or gathering place.

“BAR” in Spain is open from early morning until late at night and is something the Spanish people can never do without in their life.

Most “Bars” do not have any chairs. People, friends and lovers spend some precious time together, standing there just chatting, eating and drinking.

Foods mainly served there are called “PINCHOS”, also known as “Tapas”, a bite-size snack (hors d'oeuvres or appetizers to go with drinks). Each individual “Bar” has and is proud of their own specials, their own unique “PINCHOS”, which could be grilled dishes, deep-fried foods, or home-made ham. A chef apparently competes with his counterparts of other bars so that he could attract more customers by serving his best special “PINCHOS”.

People in Spain all have their own favorite “Bars” and go bar-hopping, from one bar to another. This is typical of Spain and we could actually call it “Spanish Style”.

“FUSSA HAPPY BAR TOWN FESTIVAL” is certainly an event that brings to Fussa this Spanish life style and culture just as they are. Through this local event, you can explore and discover a totally new fun part of Fussa Town. Just walk around and enjoy foods and drinks. You’ll find yourself in a new version of Fussa you’ve never been to.